FOR 2021
'How Are You?'

An Online Play about Mental

Health Awareness

Online Theatre for Schools - Watch Safely in Class/Year Group Bubbles

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Sherwood Forest is coming out of quarantine - even Ye Olde Tesco is open with a one-way-system and a plentiful supply of loo roll!!  Join our hero Robin of Lockdown Loxley as he attempts to outwit the evil (but obsessively well sanitised) Sheriff of Nottingham.  As well as robbing from the rich to give  to the poor can he romance the beautiful Maid Marion (from a suitable social distance of course) along the way.


It’s clearly going to be a busy day in the forest! 

'How Are You?' is a contemporary, thought provoking and entertaining drama that considers wellbeing issues in young people.  

During a time of unprecedented mental health concerns for young people, 'How Are You?' explores the impact of these issues and examines strategies to help deal with them.  

Join Alice in 2021 as she disappears down the rabbit hole on a journey through the curious and magical world of Wonderland.   Our talented team of actor musicians will introduce you to some of the strangest and most peculiar characters of this much loved tale including the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter in a way you've never seen them before!


With an original score, stunning costumes, and and hilarious script, this production has something for everyone.  

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How Are You - Alex