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Choose From Our Range of Exciting 'Online' or 'Live Touring' Productions

Hope - Anti-Bullying
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'Hope' The UKs most performed anti-bullying production.  Touring Since 2007 and now also available as an ONLINE production. 

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Alice in Wonderland.  Join us down the rabbit hole this year!  An Online Pantomime for Schools. 

500 Miles.  Our Brand New Scottish Musical comedy will be touring schools in Scotland throughout 2023/24.  

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Aladdin. Book your magic carpet ride now and join Aladdin on this incredible adventure! An Online Pantomime for Schools.  Wishes really Can Come True.

'How Are You?' is a contemporary and entertaining drama that considers Mental Health and Wellbeing in young people. 

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Robin Hood

Robin Hood.  Our Live Touring Pantomime for Christmas 2024!  Also available as an ONLINE production


Jack and The Beanstalk.  Join Dame Trott and her hapless son Jack as they try to save the village and reclaim their gold!  A Giant of An Online Pantomime.

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UN-Social Media NEW


UN-Social Media...  A Production Exploring The Relationship Between Young People and The Internet..As we all spend more time online, this production helps young people to make positive and informed choices surrounding their internet usage.

During the war....jpg
During The War... NEW

During The War...  A Brand New Production exloring life during World War II.  Book for this June to Mark the 80th Anniversary of the D Day Landings.

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