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Alice in Wonderland. The Perfect Full School Treat.



Our ONLINE Pantomime "Alice In Wonderland" caters for the whole school.  Flexible Online Viewings.

  • Can be watched as a whole school or in individual classes.

  • 100% Safe.  View from our fully secure platform. 

  • Easy and flexible online access using the unique login details provided.

  • Contemporary. Relevant.  Entertaining.

  • Unlimited Access for the month of your choosing.  Select your preference during checkout. 

  • £150 (excluding VAT) - No limit on numbers.

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If you wish to be invoiced, please select "Manual Payment" at checkout.

Join us in Wonderland this Year

Join Alice as she disappears down the rabbit hole on a journey through the curious and magical world of Wonderland.   Our talented team of actor musicians will introduce you to some of the strangest and most peculiar characters of this much loved tale including the Cheshire Cat and the Mad Hatter in a way you've never seen them before!


With an original score, stunning costumes, and hilarious script, this production has something for everyone.  

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The production has been professionally filmed as a live stage show, designed to capture all the flare and theatricality of a touring production or a show at your local theatre.  It has been specially edited to allow for audience participation and comes complete with a teachers'/organisers' pack to help make the event come to life in your school.


All our productions are written, directed and performed by industry professionals with a proven track record. 

Why should I book your production of Alice In Wonderland? 

  • Our pantomime is relevant, poignant and entirely contemporary.

  • You'll have the flexibility to watch the production at any point, for as many classes as you want, throughout your chosen month.

  • This production has been filmed to recreate a theatrical experience suitable for the whole school.

  • As well as a sixty minute original production, you will also have access to our brand new, comprehensive teachers' pack.  This pack contains full instructions along with educational resources, 

  • With over 15 years experience in the industry we are absolutely confident that we offer the best quality school pantomimes in the UK at the best possible price. This is why schools are confident to rebook with us year after year.

  • All of our productions benefit from a professionally designed set, beautifully designed costumes and a state of the art sound and lighting system. Children are captivated right from the very start.

  • Each show boasts a cast of fully trained professional actors ensuring that the performances are of the absolute highest quality. "Our children talked about the pantomime for ages" - Julie Ann Miller, Teacher at Colmonell Primary School.


Combines drama and live music to make for the perfect whole school treat!

Moral Message

Characters are faced with moral dilemmas that the audience must help them overcome.  Friendship, Loyalty and Respect are common themes.


We pride ourselves on being completely up-to-date and our song choices are  always very recent ensuring the children sing along.

Value for Money

We genuinely believe that the  cost of our productions offer the very best for money available within the UK.

Book with confidence!  We perform to an annual audience of over 100,000

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