2020/21 ONLINE Productions

Full Terms and Conditions (UPDATED TO REFLECT ONLINE LEARNING 12/01/2020)

In line with the recent closure of schools and to support with the provision of Online Learning, our Licence Agreement has been updated in the following way:​

Schools purchasing our Online Productions can now distribute the login details to all pupils so they can watch from their own homes.  They will have full access to the production for the full duration of the agreement.  We simply ask that when distributing the login details, households are discouraged from further sharing of the codes.  

  • Log in details will be sent to the school after payment has been made or upon supplying purchase order information.

  • Every effort will be made to ensure all schools have unlimited access to the production via one of our online platforms. We will provide full access instructions and technical support. Please note, Theatre Online Ltd cannot accept liability for technical difficulties beyond our control. Such problems include, but are not limited to, internet connectivity issues, council firewalls or out dated hardware/software. In the unlikely event that a school is unable to access the online productions using any of the methods provided, a hard copy of the production will be issued to the school for the duration of the licence agreement. This must be returned to Theatre Online Ltd in the packaging provided.

  • In purchasing this licence, the user agrees that their log in details, and viewing habits, will be monitored and recorded by Theatre Online Ltd. This will help us to ensure that the production is only being viewed by the registered licence holder.

  • In addition to online access to our Productions, licence holders will also have access to a digital copy of the accompanying Teachers’ Pack. This may be printed, photocopied, and distributed by the school (licence holder) to pupils for the purposes of education.

  • Any attempt to download, copy or redistribute access details will be regarded as an infringement of Copyright. Any attempt to do this will result in the termination of the licence agreement and no refund will be given.

  • In the event of school closure, as a result of Covid19 or otherwise, we will make every effort to ensure an extension to your licence agreement to cover the period affected. Please note, no refunds will be issued in respect of school closure.

  • Please be aware that any cancellations made within 6 weeks of the chosen viewing period will be charged at half the original cost. Cancellations within 3 weeks of the same date must still be payable at full cost.