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How are You?  Promoting Resilience & Wellbeing in Young People. 

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"Mental Health Awareness Week 2024" 
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Throughout April, May, June or July.




'How Are You?' is a an ONLINE PRODUCTION, specifically written for Primary (KS2) and Secondary Schools. 

  • Can be watched as a whole school or in individual classes.

  • 100% Safe.  View from our fully secure platform. 

  • Easy and flexible online access using the unique login details provided.

  • Contemporary. Relevant.  Entertaining. 45 minutes long - perfect for single periods. 

  • Available throughout 2024.  Unlimited access for your month of choice.  Simply select your chosen month during checkout.

  • £175 (excluding VAT) - No limit on numbers.

How Are You? - Preview

How Are You? - Preview

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