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Casting 2024. Updated 20.05.2024

We are currently casting for our touring production of 'During The War...' to coincide with the 80th anniversary of D-Day.  This a UK wide schools tour with performances taking place between Wednesday 5th - Monday 17th June.  Rehearsals will take place in advance of this.

'During the War...' is an entertaining and informative peek at life in Britain during World War 2 and is the perfect accompaniment to any Second World War Topic. Pupils will follow in the lives of a 1940s family, sharing in the ups and downs of life during wartime Britain. Using music and drama the production will enhance the pupils understanding of issues such as The Blitz, blackouts, rationing, and evacuation. Although informative, the production is also highly entertaining and features songs and comedy from the era.

Casting Breakdown:

Jenny Hobbs

The story follows the life of Jenny as she navigates life on the home front during WW2.  At the start of the play she is 12 years old and by the end she has just turned 18.

We are looking for a female actor who has a good estuary/soft RP accent.  They should also be able to sing as part of a group.

Auditions will be held in Central Scotland imminently.



Applicants must have a base in Central Scotland and confirm this in their covering letter.

Applications from previous auditionees and tour members are also very welcome.

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