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A British Production Now ONLINE for Schools Across America

UK Theatre in the USA 

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So, what exactly is 'Pantomime'?

Pantomime is an “Utterly British” art form that has been at the heart of UK Theatre since the 14th Century!  It is a high energy performance with lots of audience participation.  Our one hour long 'Pantomime' Production – Robin Hood, has been specially written for schools, to ensure it is relevant, suitable and accessible for young people.

Some Interesting Facts About Pantomime

  • Typically a Pantomime features a classic story of "Good Verses Evil".

  • A Pantomime will normally feature Slapstick Comedy, Colourful and Eccentric Costumes and plenty of Audience Participation.

  • A Pantomime performance will often be loosely based on a classic children's story or Fairy Tale.

  • In 2019 255 Professional Pantomime Productions took place within the UK.​​

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Pantomime is performed in English speaking countries across the world.  It is highly visual and extremely accessible.  It can be performed both in village halls (often by local theatre groups), and large commercial theatres.  Many high profile actors and celebrities can be seen appearing in pantomime each year. 

With larger than life characters, buckets of comedy, lively music and contemporary references, pantomime is an art form that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Our production of 'Robin Hood' features all the classic elements of a traditional pantomime and is the perfect way for children and young people to discover this distinctive brand of British Theatre.

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